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Surgical Specialities :

  • Plastic surgery
  • The department of Plastic surgery at Anu Multispeciality Hospital, has highly experienced specialists in plastic surgery, state-of -the-art infrastructure ensuring world class medical attention and care. It is an acknowledgement center of excellence providing advanced and intricate treatment.

      Plastic surgery is multidiscipline branch dealing with

    • Congenital anomalies treatment of cleft lips and palate,hypospadias abnormalities of ears and jaws etc.
    • Correction of facial and eyelid wrinkles, liposuction, tummy tuck, correction of postburn, posttraumatic or post infective scars, nose-jobs, breast implants or reduction.
    • Hand and feet treatment of nerve, tendon injuries as primary or delayed treatment, skin graft and flaps for skin loss due to trauma or infection, treatment of joined fingers (syndactyly), extra digits.
    • Treatment of non-healing wound or ulcers secondary to Diabetes or burn; skin cover in form of flaps or skin graft for the extremities, bed-sores, surface, chest etc.
    • Treatment of postburn contractures of the hand, neck, axilla, foot etc.
    • Keloids treatment

    We at Anu Multispeciality Hospital are very well equipped in terms of personnel and diagnostic techniques for management of accidents and trauma. Patients are managed by a team of plastic, vascular, Ortho, Neuro surgeons or any other super specialties depending on the need. The state of the art diagnostic facilities are promptly available under one roof round the clock.

Dr.Joseph Victor, MS., MCh., (Plastic surgery)