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Our Facilities:


Emergency Facilities

  • A state of the Art Air conditioned Ambulance with First Aid and ACLS qualified Male staff nurses is available to shift any type of emergency. 
  • The ambulance is fully equipped with all life saving drugs and equipments- monitors, defibrillator, central oxygen and suction facility.
  • Portable ventilator facility is also available.


Emergency Services

  • Emergency department is equipped to handle any emergency 24 hours.
  • Triage area of 2 monitored beds with medical officers and staff nurses are available.
  • Resuscitation for any emergency starts here..


Intensive Care

  • Intensive care in our hospital is the best in our region.
  • We have a 7 bedded intensive care unit for medical and surgical emergencies.
  • Coronary care unit with 3 beds.
  • The intensive care is headed by our Cardiologist, with efficient and ACLS trainedmedical officers who are capable of intubating and maintaining ventilator support.
  • We are equipped    with multi paramonitors, defibrillators with external pacing & infusion pumps.
  • Three ventilators are available.
  • Non invasive ventilation - BIPAP facility.
  • Temporary Pacemaker is also available - Our cardiologist is well trained to insert it without  flouro guidance.
  • Arterial blood gas analysis facility is also available.


Operation Theatre

  • Spacious, fully equipped with all modern equipments.
  • All sterile precautions are followed.
  • Laproscopy surgery facility is available.
  • C-Arm facility.
  • Suitable Theatre for all General / Orthopaedic / Neurosurgery / gynaecological / Plastic surgeries.
  • Orhtopaedic surgeries like open reduction with plating, hemiarthroplastyand joint replacements are routinely done here. .