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Medical Specialities :

  • Cardiology
  • The Division of Cardiology at Anu Multispeciality Hospital is one of the best centres in this region.With fully trained Doctors in critical care, any type of cardia disease is taken care 24x7 Moreover Our Cardiologist is well experienced and available 24 hours.
    At present , our centre is a secondary care centre, with preparations going on for cardiac cath facility will become tertiary care centre soon.

    Services offered:

    Full time cardiologist.

    Intensive care unit with excellent patient care.

    Temporary Pacemaker facility. Echocardiogram with colour Doppler scan- State of the art VIVID-3 machine with tissue Doppler imaging and capacity to investigate form to head to foot.

    Treadmill test: computerized with excellent accuracy.

    Holter analysis: 24 hours ambulatory ECG analysis system for investigating arrhythmias and silent ischemias.

    Ambulatory BP monitoring- To monitor 24 hours BP of patients

    Pulmonary function test.

    Dedicated Ultrasound machine with regular abdominal and trans vaginal probes is available - done by a full time sonologist.

Dr.R.V .Shivakumar, MD., DM., (Cardiology)