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About our Medical Center

Anu hospital was started in the year I994by Dr. R. Venkatesan father of Dr. R. V. Shivakumar who was a doctorate in the field of Agriculture with a vision to serve the people whose agricultural problems where taken care by him. Later the hospital management was handed over to Dr. R. V. Shivakumar.

Dr. R.V. Shivakumar, besides being the medical director of the institution, is one of the leading cardiologists at Thanjavur. His focus is to offer medical care to people of all socioeconomic classes, with a commitment to quality and affordability.

With a building area of 20,000 sq ft and seventy five beds, we are able to give nursing care to patients in medical and surgical branches. This development is sheer outcome of participation of our medical and paramedical staff and the ethical practices followed by the management.

Our mission is to provide medical services with high quality and efficiency in view of improving our patient's well-being and to make Anu hospital a landmark in medical field.